1. "The questions that our society must ask revolve around whether the time-consuming demands of the deep-reading processes will be lost in a culture whose principal mediums advantage speed, multitasking, and processing the next and the next piece of information."
  2. Banksy


  3. "Humans, [neuroscientists] warn, seem to be developing digital brains with new circuits for skimming through the torrent of information online. This alternative way of reading is competing with traditional deep reading circuitry developed over several millennia."
  4. red-lipstick:

    Adam Bork -  5 Eyes TV and Video Installation, 2008    Installations   Via: Marfadome Flickr Photostream

    (Source: Flickr / marfadome, via robotkid)

  5. OK Glass, forget it.

  6. Durex Ad

  8. Like of Fire

  9. ianedgar:

    Corporate tattoos and implants.

  10. tacanderson:

    Meet DARPA’s new generation of robots.

    But for all its apparent capacity for work and even mayhem, it was a baby, barely aware of the world and how to move about within it. I watched as an Atlas belonging to one of the teams stared in apparent perplexity at a door handle. With its slightly stooped posture and seemingly stunned inaction, the robot looked like nothing so much as a dunce made to stand in a corner for not learning its lessons properly.

    Don’t be fooled. These robots are just trying to lure you into a false sense of superiority. 


  13. Terrified of my phone


  14. "I feel like it is legitimate to express concern about overuse of devices or social media and how it may alienate some, and I have just chosen to approach the subject from a different angle. The best possible scenario is for everyone, regardless of their varying optimism on the issue, to acknowledge that the new normal involves the pressures and benefits of multiple devices and an unprecedented amount of information flowing through us. There is nothing reactionary in acknowledging that this can be problematic, and it is our role as artists to offer insights as to how best to navigate this predicament. The only people I fundamentally disagree with are those who stubbornly ignore such issues altogether, dip out, and pretend like it’s 1989 or something. I guess the principal thing I stand for is educating oneself about the potentials and pitfalls of contemporary technology such that you can use it for positive ends. Debate around these issues is a crucial part of that."